The Lincoln Clean Energy Cost of Capital Survey


Lincoln International

Clean Energy Pipeline

Clean Energy Pipeline and investment bank Lincoln International have teamed up to produce a cost of capital survey for the renewable energy market.

The survey focuses on the cost of capital for projects in the European renewable energy market and how this varies across its wind, solar and biomass markets.

“As valuers, we need to have robust insight into each of the energy sources (off and onshore wind, solar and biomass) across the markets that we are valuing projects in,” Tomas Freyman, Managing Director at Lincoln International, said. “When it comes to having a view on cost of capital, it is important to be as close to funds and transactions as possible. Hence, we have launched a cost of capital survey which will augment our experience valuing such projects.”

The Lincoln Clean Energy Cost of Capital Survey is the first of a semi-annual series.

You can view the report here

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