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European project finance review - 3Q16_Page_1

European Project Finance Review - 3Q16

The global downturn in clean energy investment recorded in the latest quarter was largely attributable to a substantial 39% drop in European project financing. 

Clean Energy Pipeline’s latest figures reveal a total of $10.38 billion was invested across 91 project finance deals in Q3 2016, which represented a decline of 12% year-on-year and marked the lowest performing quarter in European renewable energy asset investment in the past two years. 

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Global green bond review - 3Q16_Page_1

Global green bond review - 3Q16

Governments, corporates and financial institutions around the world issued $22.8 billion [+6% from Q2] in green bonds in the third quarter as investors continue to put their faith in green bond returns and banks capitalise on a low interest rate environment. 

Ultimately, the strong Q3 performance means the total amount invested in the first three quarters of 2016 stands at 34% more than the amount of green bond activity in the whole of 2015. 

Commercial banks fuelled much of the activity in the Q3 green bond market, issuing $7 billion more in bonds than they did in Q2. 

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China project finance review - 2Q16_Page_1

China project finance review

  • China was the single largest financier of solar photovoltaic and onshore wind energy projects of any renewable energy market in the first half of this year.
  • Clean Energy Pipeline’s latest figures show project finance figures for solar PV and onshore wind reached $15.3 billion in H1 2016, making the Asian powerhouse responsible for nearly 30% of the global financing that took place in the two sectors.

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Global green bond review - 2Q16

Global green bond review - 2Q16

Clean Energy Pipeline’s latest figures show green bonds in the last quarter have skyrocketed to $20.2 billion, a 53% increase on the $13.2 billion issued in Q2 2015.

Despite the year-on-year growth, green bond issuances actually fell by $2.6 billion from Q1 2016. The main cause for this fall was a $7.5 billion drop in issuances from China, an explosive market in Q1 totalling $8.5 billion.

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Emerging markets project finance review - 2Q16

Emerging markets project finance review – 2Q16

While European project finance levels have been downsliding in recent months (15% year-on-year decrease), the emerging clean energy markets recorded a substantial 16% increase in quarterly investments across the Middle East, Africa, Latin & Central America, and Asia Pacific [excluding China, India and Australia] to $5.82 billion.

In fact, project finance investments were up across almost all of the aforementioned emerging regions. In the Middle East and Africa, there were $1.97 billion investments undertaken last quarter from 15 renewable energy projects, compared with the $902 million invested in Q1 across only eight projects.

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UK clean energy market review - 2Q16

UK Clean Energy Market Review 2Q16

Clean energy investment in the UK during Q2 2016 was down across nearly all asset classes as impending fears about Brexit took hold on the market.

Total investment in the UK in the last quarter equalled nearly $8.8 billion, a 12% decrease from the $10 billion invested in Q2 2015, according to Clean Energy Pipeline figures released today. It was also a nearly $7 billion fall from the investment recorded in Q1 this year, although that quarter’s figures were somewhat inflated due to a rise in project finance investments as companies raced to beat the Renewables Obligation deadline.

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