UK: Delivering Subsidy-Free Renewables in 2020

Two lawyers specialising in energy and infrastructure projects from leading global law firms Bird & Bird LLP and Eversheds Sutherland LLP share their views with Clean Energy Pipeline on some of the biggest opportunities and challenges facing the UK’s subsidy-free clean energy market. The rise of renewables over the past decade is one of the […]

UPCOMING: Global Clean Energy Investments 2020: Decade in Review & Market Outlook

The “Global Clean Energy Investments 2020: Decade in Review & Market Outlook” report will be released by 24 January 2020. The paper will analyse clean energy investments across the globe over during the second decade of the 21st century, focusing on project finance, M&A, green bond issuances, venture capital & private equity and public markets. […]

Bird & Bird & Corporate PPAs: An International Perspective

Bird & Bird has launched its revised report on International Corporate Power Purchase Agreements (Corporate PPAs). Large corporations are continuing to set the agenda for the growth of renewable energy across the globe. In 2018, 121 corporations purchased 13.4 GW of clean power directly from generators under a Corporate PPA and 2019 is looking like […]

How Institutional Investors Can Spearhead a Global Energy Transformation

Matt Setchell, Co-Head of Octopus Renewables The verdict on climate change from scientists across the world is hard to ignore. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has reiterated that we only have a dozen years to stop a two degree increase in global temperatures becoming an inevitability. The half-point rise from 1.5 to 2.0 degrees […]

H1.19 Global Clean Energy Market Review

The Clean Energy Market Review H1.2019 provides an overview of global mergers and acquisitions, project/asset finance, and green bond deal activity. Our market review reports are crucial reading for anyone working in the clean energy sector. To download the report, please fill in the form below Notice: JavaScript is required for this content.

2018 Global Clean Energy League Tables

The Clean Energy Global League Tables 2018 covers investors, banks, financial advisors and law firms active in the global clean energy sector during 2018. League table rankings are based on deals tracked by Clean Energy Pipeline’s specialist deal data team as well as deal submissions. Clean Energy Pipeline’s online searchable deal databases cover project finance, […]

Renewable Energy Discount Rate Survey 2019

The discount rate of a project (a proxy of cost of capital) is important for all investors. It is a key driver in determining the fair value or market price for projects. However, this data is extremely hard to gather, meaning many investors rely solely on their own experience and advice from valuation experts in evaluating the cost of capital. […]

2018 Global Clean Energy Market Review

Some key findings: Made with Visme Infographic Maker Clean energy corporate and project M&A financing has reached its highest peak after $128 billion of investments were made in 2018. Global cleantech companies attracted over $10 billion in financing from venture capital and private equity (VC/PE) investors in 2018 amid renewed interest for climate mitigation technologies. […]

Disruption in Great Britain’s Energy Market

Technology and decentralisation are the two major themes of the energy market today. To understand the full impact of these themes, just consider the role both have had in two other sectors in the last 10 years. In the retail sector, the role of Amazon and online shopping alone has utterly changed the character of […]

Clean Energy Investment Trends 2018

This report provides a closer look into the investment trend of clean energy, covering some key sectors: Solar PV, Bioenergy, Onshore wind, and Offshore wind. As a result, it gives an insights into the future of investment opportunity in clean energy area. To download the full report, please fill in the form below. Notice: JavaScript […]