Bird & Bird & Corporate PPAs: An International Perspective

Bird & Bird has launched its revised report on International Corporate Power Purchase Agreements (Corporate PPAs). Large corporations are continuing to set the agenda for the growth of renewable energy across the globe. In 2018, 121 corporations purchased 13.4 GW of clean power directly from generators under a Corporate PPA and 2019 is looking like […]

Renewable Energy Discount Rate Survey 2019

The discount rate of a project (a proxy of cost of capital) is important for all investors. It is a key driver in determining the fair value or market price for projects. However, this data is extremely hard to gather, meaning many investors rely solely on their own experience and advice from valuation experts in evaluating the cost of capital. […]

Disruption in Great Britain’s Energy Market

Technology and decentralisation are the two major themes of the energy market today. To understand the full impact of these themes, just consider the role both have had in two other sectors in the last 10 years. In the retail sector, the role of Amazon and online shopping alone has utterly changed the character of […]

The Smart Power Revolution: Opportunities and Challenges

Key findings: Investment in smart power is rising, with the majority of energy companies investing in smart power to create new business lines and other types of businesses investing for cost stability and savings and to meet green aspirations. Of all the types of smart power initiatives, energy storage tops the list. Smart buildings and […]