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Clean Energy Pipeline is the premier source of news, data and market trends in the industry.

The news team delivers a real-time financial news service directly into your inbox daily. Our editorial mission is to identify the latest and most relevant investment, M&A and project finance news, new funds and fund closes as soon as they occur. We also track global regulatory and policy announcements and publish them in real-time. This news is supplemented with opinion-pieces based on in-depth interviews with senior-level executives, advisers, investors and policy-makers.

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Deal Databases

Subscribers to our online platform receive access to our transaction databases. These are updated in real time and managed by a dedicated team of data analysts. All data is inputted, verified and validated internally. We cover the following transactions: Project Finance, Green Bond, M&A, Venture Capital & Private Equity and Public Markets.

Our online platform also includes a directory of organisations and projects active in the cleantech and renewable energy markets. Our data goes back to 2000 and grows each day as our team of analysts records new entries and update existing ones with new information.

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Clean Energy Pipeline offers a customised research service. Our team is available to produce thought leadership research, market and industry surveys, data mining & analysis, competitive positioning, company profiles, investment analytics and forecasting. Research output can be delivered in Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint charts, PDF reports or any other suggested format.

Our clients use our research to identify trends and analyse their impact on their business; to broaden their understanding of a particular market, technology, geography or asset; and to produce thought leadership reports and white papers.

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